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'You'll find me with my feet in the sand and my gaze upon the stars'

about me
& my vision

I am here to guide you in your evolution; to guide you on the path of opening up to more: more of life, more of you, more connection; to guide you in working with your light and your darkness. To reflect your light, gifts, qualities and potential back to you, and guide you through opening up the places where you block the light and disconnect from self, others and life. 

It is my belief that the places where you close to life, these ‘blockages’, they are not a curse or a fault. They are simply an invitation to let more life in. When you use them as portals of initiation and enter them, they provide you with the lessons and experiences you need to shine your beautiful and unique expression on earth. They attract the exact challenges that provide you with the life experiences and wisdom you need to live your purpose and share your light from a place of embodied wisdom. Navigating these portals and bringing more of you into life is the true adventure. This is the game. When we say yes to the game, we say yes to contributing on earth from our full expression. 

My work is for those who long to walk this path, to play this game. Those who wish to be guided back to self. Those who crave for the real, the organic, the truth, the place where reality and magic intersect. The place where two become one. The place where heaven meets earth. TThe place where soul and spirit meet the body. he place where light meets dark. Those who are ready to venture out on the journey of their lifetime. The journey to their fullest expression.


It is for those who wish to create from there: to shine their light, to work their magic in our reality.  It is for the brave ones: for those who dare to take a leap, who are ready for the unknown. It is for the realistic ones who can use more magic in their life, and for the magical ones who wish to ground their energy into reality. 


I do not promise specific results, because every person, path and result is different. But I have worked with business owners, artists, students, healers, coaches and other brave souls and I can summarize their experience into one sentence: a feeling of being on their path, of arriving at the place (within themselves, reflected in their reality) they belong. 


You can read some of their experiences here:

'The transforming codes that are present in Marije her field are pure magic! I was pulled towards working with her and blindly jumped into her 1:1 coaching program. I did not know her at all, but still did it because I felt that I was stuck in a swampy, negative life. With calmness and trust she guided me in my journey while I was hysterically flying from left to right. From the other side of the world she thought me to come home to my feminine and from there I jumped into the deep end. And how?! Something happened in my field and I made choices I would have never, ever made before. Marije transformed me with her codes and wisdom and I started to embrace life. During these four months of working together, my whole life changed. In 4 months time I did the scary things that I had been avoiding for 15 years. I came home to my unique soul with all her beautiful light and dark sides.'

Nanette, 1:1 coaching client

As for me, there are a few things I always knew to be true about myself. I knew I would always long for freedom and spend my life in dedication to what was true and real. And I knew this would be no ordinary path. I tried to hide parts of myself that I judged as too much, too weird, too crazy. I tried to fit in, to follow the mainstream. To live life as it was expected from me. And exactly having this experience: the losing and finding, the hide and seek with Self and Life and all experiences that came with it shaped me into the person I am now. Shaped me into the right person from the job: guiding you on the journey towards your full expression. 

I have now taken my base in Ericeira, Portugal. I spend my days walking the endless coast line, looking at the stars, in complete bewonderment of this beautiful, chaotic, peaceful life. I devote myself to playing the game of my life, to fully immersing myself in reality and work my magic within it. I move, I see, I study, I write, I create, I share, I express, I play, I love and I guide.

My search for what is true and free took me from Journalism and Conflict studies to Human Design, psychodynamic coaching and psychic/energy work. I am always searching for the source of the source of the source, which has led me to Source. I work with guidance from above and below. We look at the energy mechanics, we get guided by the light ánd we ground into reality: we work with our body, our emotions, our earth, our reality. Human Design, astrology, psychic gifts, subconscious & parts work and energywork and mechanics are part of my toolbox. I aim to equip your with the tools you need for your adventure: no endless sessions but just the guidance and equipment that is needed for the next leg of your journey.

Ready to journey together? You can fill in the 1:1 coaching form or check out my current offerings.

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