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energetic guidance

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My one-on-one guidance is for those who are ready to play the game of life with full devotion. Those who are ready to explore, experience, see, feel, embody and create. Ready to shine their unique light and expression on our planet, and ready to walk through the portals and initiations that will bring this full expression to life. 

It is for those who feel that there could be more: more of them, more of life, more connection, more creation. Not by working harder, but by learning how to work their magic in reality and how those two are never separated. 

The highest level of support available in this moment is energetic guidance in the form of a container of 5 online sessions. These sessions contain a mix of human design and energy work, coaching, working with the unconscious and psychic channeling. You can see me as your side kick, your advisor, your guide: the little bird on your shoulder who helps you see the full picture and get clear on who you are, where you are and what your next steps look like. 

This is for you when you feel the need to liberate yourself, to get un-stuck, to share your light/magic/medicine with the world, to fully live and express. This is for you when you lost sight of your light or need guidance in how to use and express your deepest gifts. When you crave to be seen in all of your power, in all of your magic. This is for you when the road to fullness feels lonely and confusing. This is for you when life feels too small, to dry, as if a stream has dried up. This is for you when you want to tap into the courage to fully live your dream. This is for you when you crave freedom, when you crave connection and you crave to contribute to our revolution. This is for you when you feel that I am just the activation you need: that our work together will empower you on your journey to your full expression.

This is for you when deep down you feel and know that you are a life artist who came here to make the most out of it. This is for you when you are ready to make the jumps that your soul so desperately longs to make. 

One-on-one energetic guidance

5 sessions of 1,5h

1250,- ex VAT/BTW. 

You can read some testimonials here

Do you feel the pull? Fill out the intake form and I'll get in touch. 

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