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Your business is here to set us free.

Your life’s experiences, your deepest pain, the stories in your lineage, your perceived shortcomings, your quirks, your secrets and your shame?

They are not separate from your essence, your blueprint, your wisdom, your mission, your gifts, your love, your nature, your medicine, your service.

You are you for a reason.

Life and love shaped you to transmit your exact medicine.

To take your designated place in the whole.

You are by design,

your gifts are by design.

You are the missing link,

so take your spot
and fly.

On the 4th ofApril we will set off on the fertile grounds of Spring to go on a three month initiation into organic business creation. your business / by design connects your ancestry, life's experience, unique blue print and gifts to your mission, service and business. We use Human Design and Gene keys to create a personal cosmology rooted in the stars as well as the soil and provide you with a roadmap that helps you navigate the earth shattering and soul shaping experience that is doing business from your nature.

 there is a story to live

a part to fulfill

a mission to gift

a space to claim

a world to serve

we are all here / by design

take your place in the eco-system

and make your contribution

/ the program

Your business / by design initiates you into (your) nature's way of doing business.


The program consists of 2x personal coaching session with Marije Elles (Human Design & Gene Keys Reading / business support) and 8x online classes & transmissions (including guest class by Naomi van Ree) &  a monthly breath work support circle by Cindy de Vogel.

During the program we explore the following themes:

Your personal cosmology
We use your Human Design, Gene keys, ancestry, life's experience and ecology to create a personal cosmology that sustains your mission and business. It is a map that helps you connect to (your) nature and grounds your cosmic potential on this earth, so you can root your dreams into reality.

Roadmap for organic business creation 
Your business / by design provides you with a roadmap for organic business creation. We identify the different stages of this journey and guide you in how to work with the parts, the challenges, the memories, the voices and the stories that show up in the proces. The roadmaps and tools provided help you to anchor in the gifts and qualities that you develop and receive along the way and be of service.

Your energy, your nature
The only way to be of service is to be rooted in our nature and our energy. We can not gift from where we lack. We aim for a paradigm of business in which we do not deplete ourselves but make sure we are healthy and thriving so we can not only provide a productive or mental value but share the gifts of our nature.

Your ecosystem
Your business / by design is rooted in your ecosystem. We all exist in the context of our relationships, our community, those dear to us and the environment and the natural world around us.

Share your story, share your service
We explore the energy mechanics behind marketing and sales and the way to approach them looking at your unique design, cosmology and story. We shed conditioning around using your voice and help you step into your unique way of sharing your story. 

Money & prosperity
We use Human Design, Gene keys and breath work to explore the concepts of money and prosperity in alignment with (your) nature. 

Your ancestry & lineage
Those who came before you are not separate from your nature, your mission and your service. Connect to your ancestors, honor your lineage and continue their legacy.

Your channel 
Attune to your channel & receive instructions from the spirit of your business. 


When you are tired of one-dimensional, linear and energy-depleting business-boxes, know that there is a place that values, needs and sustains your inherent roundness, wholeness and multi-dimensionality. It welcomes you with all your perfect paradoxes, quirks and gifts and is ready to sustain you.

She is called Earth. 

/ the participants

your business / by design is for you when you want your business to bring you closer to you, to life, to earth, to nature. 

This is a program for you when you are an (aspiring) business owner who wants to create from energetic integrity: in alignment with (your) nature, contributing to all of nature. It is for you when you are not here to play the game of late capitalism under the guise of ‘spiritual business’ but are here to actually serve. This is for you when you are ready to go beyond simple manifestation culture and wish to create actual sustainable new paths and timelines. This is for you when you want to lead and be an example of the new way of business. This is for the pioneers, the freedom-seekers, the sensitives, the artists, the co-creators. This is for you when you are not afraid to jump into the deep end. When you know that your business is there to liberate and initiate you every step of the way.

Mostly, your business / by design is for you when you resonate with the energy of the program. Beware that this is not a traditional business coaching programme. We initiate you into the new paradigm of business, far beyond artificial business matrixes and promises of quick wins or instant success.

This program is suitable for all energy types and welcomes starting as well as seasoned entrepreneurs and creators. The only requirement is your willing devotion to (your) nature's way of doing business.

/ the testimonials

‘You birth your business, as your business births you’. For me, this is the exact essence of the business program, and working together with Marije. It is about way more than building or expanding your business. Marije helped me remember who I am in essence and shed the conditioning that I needed to release to return to her. Starting from my essence, we explored what wanted to be created and unfold in my business. The one (business) can’t be without the other (essence). The connection that I felt with Marije goes beyond this life, as if we spoke a language of complete attunement that set the most beautiful initiations in motion. As if we obeyed to a contract that was made by higher hand. The proces that I went through with Marije was incredibly beautiful, intens and confronting and completely changed my life.'
Ashley Hofmann - the Projector in Business participant

/ the guides

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-23 at 1.05.02 PM.jpeg

Marije works as an energetic guide and is specialized in energy mechanics & archetypal systems such as Human Design and Gene Keys. She lives in devotion to the great game of life and is a guide for those who want to serve from their true nature and play this game as their truest selves.

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-17 at 11.19.40 AM.jpeg

Cindy works as a breath work facilitator and uses this magical tool to help her clients re-connect to their essence. During the program she will facilitate the monthly breath work circle to help integrate the insights and transmissions of the program.  

Schermafbeelding 2023-02-17 om 11.32.59.png

 Naomi educates in medicine arts, hosts ceremonies, retreats and works 1:1.
She’s a seer and a guide for those who are open to remember the magic corners of lifetimes spent on earth. In this program she is a guest teacher on working with our ancestors & spirit guides.

/ the application

  • The program starts the 4th of April and ends the 11th of July. 

  • When you resonate with the program, I invite you to fill out this intake form

  • During our intake call I will feel into your energy and if this is the right program for you and share the practical details and dates. 

  • You don't have to decide during the call if you want to participate. I invite you to drop into your body feel into your authority before making your decision. 

  • The intake calls take place between the 10th and 28th of March. I advice you to fill out the intake form as soon as possible, and March 27th at its latest. 

  • Note: due to the intimate nature of the program there is a limit for the number of participants. 

  • The price for the program is 1441,- . There is an early bird price of 1221,- for those who apply before the 11th of March. Payment plans are available and will be discussed during the intake call. 

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